Three days after the holidays. A time filled of joy, laughter, storytelling, memories, family, friends, and of course, food. Food that is rich and delicious, coming in various courses, sized servings, and flavors. Just one helping at any course is never enough.

The appetizers and snacks….let’s keep it healthy. Cheese, crackers, salami, and shrimp cocktail are all a good start. You’re going to keep your health in mind this year and not start the New Year with a weight battle…..or are you?

“Everyone come to the dining room table. Dinner is served!” You tell yourself again you will be good. Small portions and a healthy serving of vegetables. The prime rib looks and smells amazing smothered in gravy with those sweet candied carrots, and baked potato drowned in butter. One….two…..three platefuls later and you have to unbutton your pants to make room for your fully bloated stomach. You think to yourself that there is absolutely no room for dessert and find your way back to the couch in front of the television.

After some conversation, everyone is called back to the table for dessert. “Coffee is on and dessert is on the table.” You don’t get up immediately, contemplating your next move since you have already gone overboard indulging in the delicious foods. Deciding to join the family for a cup of coffee and more conversation, you sit at the table only to be greeted with a big slice of chocolate pudding pie and homemade cookies. “I’m only going to have half of the pie and three small cookies.” Half an hour later, the plate where the pie used to sit is scraped clean and you’ve inhaled about ten of those scrumptious cookies your mother has made. And all you can think to yourself is “So much for trying to keep moderation in check while enjoying holiday food.”

This is how my holidays went. I am a girl who simply is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Weight was never an issue as a young girl, but once high school started, weight became a constant battle for me. Sports kept me active and in shape during high school. College was the fight against cafeteria food, late night grubbing, snacking and drinking, and the not so occasional stop at a fast food restaurant or the local diner. Weight became a major concern as the scales continued to tip higher and clothing sizes got larger. The gym helped when there was someone to push me and motivation to get fit, but that always wavered. Comfort is the greatest enemy in the fight to stay fit and healthy.

Just a few years ago, the motivation to stay fit consumed my life and I became intensely dedicated to working out at the gym, going walking or jogging, and taking Zumba classes twice a week. Zumba also became a part of my daily life when I could do it in the comfort of my own home. Along with my stay fit kick, I started eating healthy and introducing more fruits and vegetables. Almost simultaneously, as if the world was saying this would not be easy, I developed severe allergies to fruits and vegetables, along with foods on the natural red dye spectrum. My life went topsy turvy and consisted of Benadryl, EpiPens, medical alert bracelets, emergency room and doctor visits, and intense menu and ingredient reading. I knew I had to make certain changes in my life to find my happiness.

Being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle are two entirely different things. My goal was always to be healthy and fit. Now, with constant hurdles to leap over, living a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing to remember on my pursuit of happiness.

Follow me on my journey through life, health, and happiness….

Let me inspire you to find yours.